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Between all the intricacies of publishing, self-publishing and more, how exactly do you find the best ways to market your game? We have all the advice you need to make the best decision for your game at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki!

Pocket Gamer Connects events are renowned for ensuring the best return on investment in terms of networking opportunities and information gained. You can expect to find inspiration to market your game from industry-leading experts at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki, you won’t want to miss joining us and joining over 1,200 gaming professionals from around the world this September 27 for 28 for our biggest and biggest conference in Helsinki to date.

We’re heading back to the spiritual home of mobile gaming for our biggest show yet, and it’s going to be amazing. We’re bringing back our well-attended fringe events, including our flagship Very Big Indie Pitch events as well as Investor Connector, Publisher SpeedMatch and more. 200 of the gaming industry’s top thought leaders join us to discuss all of the most pressing topics facing the industry today across 21 diverse topics spanning both days, and today , we give you an overview of what you can expect from these valuable leads.

Today, we shine the spotlight on The Art of Publishing. In this exciting PG Connects Helsinki track, we’ll explore how best to work with publishers to bring your game to market. The track will feature sessions covering topics such as a panel exploring the MENA region, how to propel your game to success, what it takes to self-publish your game and is a must-have for developers, small studios, and anyone looking to work with publishers or themselves. -post in the future You won’t want to miss this!

Keep reading to learn more about what the track is.

The Art of Publishing: September 28
9:00 a.m. – We start strong with a panel all about the MENA region! Join this brilliant panel featuring
9:40 a.m. – How is a hit created? Learn the story of Merge Mansion from Teppo Soininen of MetaCore.
10:00 – How does player support play a role in game development? Get all the details from Pascal Debroek of The PX Hub.
10:20 – Next, we’ll discuss how to propel your game to success with a top mobile game launch strategy. Don’t miss the ideas of Alexey Gusev from Goodgame Studios!
10:40 – Next, Simon Hade of Space Ape Games joins us in sharing Beatstar’s journey and success story. You won’t want to miss this one!
11:00 – What are the realities of publishing in 2022 and how do you navigate legislation and app stores? Get all the details in this insightful panel featuring our own Gee Witchalls from Steel Media, Aaron Ludlow from Playstack, Ryan Black from DLA Piper and Thomas Bidaux from ICO.
11:40 – Learn all about what it takes to self-publish your game with ICO’s Thomas Bidaux! These high-level recommendations could make all the difference.
12:00 – Stay tuned for more from this exciting session featuring a representative from Kwalee!

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