Shacknews Best Publisher of 2021 – Devolver Digital

In the process of celebrating games, it’s important to look at the company behind the titles we’ve loved playing this year. One publisher that has brought a lot of joy to our world over the past twelve months is Devolver Digital. From its hilarious presentation at E3 to the launch of its IPO – and of course the myriad games it has released – Devolver Digital has had a banner year. That’s why he received the Shacknews Best Publisher for 2021. Let’s take a look at his year.

Starting with games, Devolver Digital has released some truly phenomenal indie titles this year. Loop Hero manages to combine card-based strategy with an almost automatic experience, wrapped in retro visuals. Sweet melodies and simple yet addictive gameplay make this a winner. Then there’s Death’s Door, which has rocketed up many gamers’ must-have lists. It takes players on a captivating journey as they take on the role of death – a little bird – in an isometric soul-like world full of intriguing and hilarious characters and, of course, brutal combat.

Continued support for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout builds on Devolver Digital’s accomplishments. The intense game show-like title has received a few crossovers this year, including a Nier collaboration, Ratchet & Clank costumes, a Jungle Book event, and a Ghost of Tsushima costume. In addition, the team is studying a Squid Game concept.

Commercially, Devolver Digital successfully launched its IPO, in which Sony revealed it had a 5% stake in the company. In the midst of this, Devolver also acquired Dodge Roll, Nerial, and FireFly Studios.

And of course, who could forget Devolver Digital’s hilarious E3 2021 presentation? The show was full of spectacle that only Devolver could pull off. It featured a sleeveless Nina Struthers being carried around by enthusiasts as she hit all the hot keywords of the moment, while eating chili dogs. The livestream also made fun of NFTs. See the presentation below for a refresher.

Devolver Digital continues to be a company that we can only love to see grow. He’s had an absolutely amazing year, beating his tough competition in a way he knows how to do. For this reason, we are awarding Devolver Digital the Shacknews award for Best Publisher of 2021.

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