Shenmue 4 Could Happen After Cryptic Editors Comments

A few cryptic social media posts from publisher 110 Industries have led some to believe that a fourth Shenmue game may be in the works.

Speculation on Shen Mue 4 began to swirl following cryptic social media posts from publisher 110 Industries. Since Shen Mue 3 teased the sequel to Ryo’s story, fans of the classic series remain hopeful that a fourth mainline entry will eventually see the light of day. But given that nearly two decades have passed between the franchise’s second and third games, the road to another installment likely won’t be easy.

Series creator Yu Suzuki has announced the highly anticipated Shen Mue 3 at the Sony E3 2015 press conference. Many will recall that the reveal was accompanied by details of a Kickstarter campaign to produce the game, which ultimately raised over $7 million in funding from thousands and thousands of donors. Other companies, such as Sony and publisher Deep Silver, also participated, ensuring that the title was released as planned. However, Shen Mue 3 launched to a mixed reception in 2019, once again raising questions about the future of the brand, especially regarding the story of protagonist Ryo Hazuki. But perhaps all hope is not lost yet.


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110 Industries, the publisher behind Wanted: deadhosted a Tokyo Game Show 2021 presentation with a guest appearance by Shen Mue creator Yu Suzuki. While the legendary developer apparently has no connection to the company, few have taken a look at the TGS collaboration. The interesting team recently received a bit more attention, however, after a fan replied to one of 110 Industries’ Instagram posts (via Rant game) to offer the publisher to partner with Suzuki on Shen Mue 4. “Guess why he was at our TGS streamthen came from the company’s official account. A fan-run Twitter account, Shen Mue Dojo, shared the Rant game article on his page, then received the following response from 110 business sectors (Going through push square) shortly after: “No comment.”

Since Shen Mue lives in the anime, there’s reason to believe that the IP could continue to thrive in the long run. However, this apparent teasing of a potential Shen Mue 4 the game seems tenuous at best. Would an editor allude to something so egregious only to retaliate with a “no commentAnswer about a week later? Of course, anything is possible, but fans would do well to keep their expectations in check for now.

The first one Shen Mue game launched as an action-adventure title in 1999 for the Dreamcast. Sega has released the Yu Suzuki-created experience, which followed Ryo Suzuki on a quest for revenge to find those responsible for his father’s murder in 1980s Japan. Shenmue2 hit stores a few years later, with Ryo exploring Hong Kong in his pursuit of the person who killed his father. The third game, set in Guilin, China, sees the character still searching for answers.

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Source: 110 Industries/Twitter110 Industries/Instagram (via GameRant, Push Square)

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