Silicon Valley’s Jacktrip Labs Forms Partnership With World’s Largest Music Publisher Hal Leonard

JackTrip Labs, the Silicon Valley-based remote music creation platform, announced that it has formed a partnership with Hal Leonard, the world’s largest print music publisher and leader in digital music technology. Hal Leonard will serve as the exclusive distributor in the United States and Canada for JackTrip’s plug-and-play devices that allow easy connection for musicians in real time using home Internet connections.

The devices create a simple one-step interface with JackTrip Virtual Studio, an innovative platform developed by JackTrip Labs during the coronavirus pandemic to allow users to sing or play music together remotely, eliminating the inherent audio lag in meeting spaces like Zoom (which anyone who’s tried to sing “Happy Birthday” has known).

Thousands of users in more than 50 regions around the world, including singers, choirs, bands, music teachers, etc., are currently using the virtual platform to teach, create and perform music together at distance. To learn more about the partnership, the public can visit

“We are thrilled to team up with Hal Leonard, a revered titan in the music industry,” said JackTrip Labs CEO Mike Dickey. “This partnership will help us continue to connect musicians on the Internet and expand this thriving community of users collaborating remotely around the world.”

“Hal Leonard continues to be the leader, bringing the most advanced digital music technology to our customers,” said Brad Smith, vice president of MI Products at Hal Leonard. “JackTrip Labs’ revolutionary devices are paving the way for the future of music creation and music education, facilitating real-time music creation without boundaries.”

JackTrip Labs’ virtual studio device provides an easy one-step route to creating music with remote partners online in real time using home internet connections, delivering excellent sound quality and latency only about 1 millisecond (compared to most sound cards that lag at 10s to 100s of milliseconds). The technology uses the latest advancements in cloud computing to transmit uncompressed, CD-quality audio (48 kHz, lossless) at ultra-low latency, providing groups of online users with an audio experience that mirrors the being in the same room. No laptop or desktop computer is required, the device includes all necessary software.

The technical challenge of virtual music is to reduce sound transmission delays to less than 20-25 milliseconds (one way), an obstacle previously achievable only for very small groups (up to about 5 artists) with technological skills. advanced and expensive audio equipment. JackTrip Labs’ online platform and hardware devices allow bands of any size to quickly get up and running, without requiring extensive technology skills, and allow hundreds of musicians to achieve real-time sync on home Internet connections. Unlike other virtual rehearsal/performance solutions, JackTrip Virtual Studio can be used simultaneously by groups of over 100 participants and offers CD quality, lossless sound, while all other applications currently available compress audio , which significantly reduces the sound quality. A beta version of JackTrip Virtual Studio is currently available for free to users until the end of 2021.

Originally developed in Silicon Valley during the coronavirus pandemic as a platform for local choirs who found they were unable to sing together over the internet due to inherent audio latency, JackTrip Virtual Studio has since been embraced by musicians around the world. Users are now discovering the myriad ways it can be used post-COVID, including collaborating with remote musicians, coordinating sessions with guest composers/directors/conductors unable to travel, enabling music lessons with students miles away or even across continents and rehearsing in small groups. between musical sections or individual members.

JackTrip Labs was created as an independent public benefit corporation from the JackTrip Foundation, a collaboration between the Center for Computational Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) at Stanford University and software entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley. For more information about JackTrip Labs, the public can visit

Hal Leonard is the world’s largest print music publisher, with leading ways to learn guitar, piano, band, orchestra, and publications for learning virtually every instrument imaginable. In his catalog of over one million titles available, Hal Leonard represents many of the world’s best known and most respected publishers, artists, songwriters, arrangers and manufacturers of musical instruments. Its products are sold in more than 65 countries around the world.

In addition to being the leader in print music publications, Hal Leonard also pioneered digital music technology, including developing and Hal Leonard operates, a music composition website, and Groove3, a website providing online training in music technology. Hal Leonard also created Essential Elements Music Class, a cloud-based online resource for music education, and Essential Elements Interactive, an online component of popular Essential Elements instruction used by over half a million people. students during the school year. Additionally, Hal Leonard developed MyLibrary, a cloud-based portal where customers can access online audio using unique codes in Hal Leonard books. Audio can be streamed or downloaded and includes PLAYBACK+, a multifunctional audio player that allows users to slow down audio without changing pitch, set loop points, change keys and pan left or right. In 2020, Hal Leonard launched his own proprietary streaming e-book format: Hal Leonard Digital Books. These interactive, cloud-based publications have been designed specifically for musicians and include access to embedded video or audio on many titles. More information on