Steve Heuser becomes POLITICO’s first global technology editor

Melissa Cooke | POLITICS

Announcement from Senior Editor Sudeep Reddy:


I am delighted to announce that Steve Heuser, one of the most creative and accomplished writers in our newsroom, is taking on a new role at the center of our ambitions: expanding the depth and breadth of our technology coverage around the world. entire.

As POLITICO’s first global technology editor, Steve will be responsible for reinventing the scope of our technology report and forging new avenues to chronicle the battle for power in the global technology landscape. Drawing on his knowledge of politics and emerging technologies, Steve will lead this arm of POLITICO’s journalistic growth – working with members of POLITICO’s technical teams on both continents to build on the strengths of our great work and nurture new stories with future perspectives and often international dimensions. He will also work strategically with the business side and across the global newsroom to create new products that allow POLITICO to dominate in one of the most competitive and promising spaces in journalism.

Steve originally came to Washington to develop and launch The Agenda, a separate publication that advanced POLITICO’s approach to political journalism. Under Steve’s leadership, The Agenda was known for working across the newsroom to develop ambitious coverage programs on key policy areas, from energy to healthcare to technology. Renowned for its distinctive visual style and for its spirit of both thought leadership and fun, The Agenda has won reporting and visual awards, convened national thought leaders at Chatham House Rules rallies and has provided a prominent platform for the work of many political journalists. .

Some of the major packages Steve designed and led on emerging technologies include a deep dive on 5G and global competitiveness, a comprehensive package on the digital divide (which included a SABEW award-winning article on tribal lands), an overview of Washington’s approach to cyber warfare; and a package on the Internet of Things blurring regulation and policy.

This spring, in a preview of his new role, Steve was the architect of Digital Future Daily, a lively new newsletter about the next wave of technology that has already pushed the boundaries of how we cover the energy and emerging industries – and a franchise that we expect to continue to build in the years to come.

In his most recent role as Editor-in-Chief of POLITICO Magazine, Steve encouraged and oversaw the team that produced many of POLITICO’s highest-profile and best-traveled articles in recent years. He has earned a reputation throughout the newsroom for his deep engagement with reporters, editors and the design team, as well as bringing a diverse, high-octane array of outside voices into the POLITICO mix. .

In his new role, Steve will work closely with Clea Benson, who currently oversees our Technology Leaders, and Bob King, who has laid the foundation for our technology coverage for most of the past decade, to ensure that we are charting a course that cements our role in spanning the corridors of technology power from Silicon Valley to Washington. He will also establish a deeper collaboration with Jamil Anderlini and our European political colleagues who provided coverage of the intense battles over technology in Brussels and across the continent.

Please join me in welcoming Steve to the team and congratulating him on his new role.