SYBO reaches acquisition agreement with game developer and publisher Miniclip – European Gaming Industry News

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SYBO, maker of the hit mobile game Subway Surfers, announced that it has been acquired by Miniclip, a global leader in market-defining mobile games. The acquisition is expected to close in July after the legacy game’s 10th anniversary and a record year for daily installs, daily active users, and daily revenue. The combined companies reach over 70 million daily active users.

“We are very grateful for the vision, expertise and execution of Mathias and the entire SYBO team, who have strengthened Subway Surfers both creatively and commercially over the past decade. Subway Surfers continues to be a hit mobile game for millions of fans around the world, year after year,” said Sylvester Rishøj Jensen, co-founder of SYBO.

“When we started 10 years ago, our dream was to create something special that would be loved by generations to come. The whole company and our amazing fans have taken the game to stellar heights. a perfect flow in our partnership and gaming adventure, which has now culminated in what is one of, if not the greatest, transaction in Danish gaming history. It’s a legacy we all share both very proud,” said SYBO co-founder Bodie Jahn-Mulliner.

“We are extremely grateful to our founders for their vision and trust. 15 years after Sylvester and Bodie started working together, 10 years after Subway Surfers hit the market, and 5 years after I took over as CEO, we are now wrapping up the first season of the journey of SYBO with great promise of what is to come,” Mathias Gredal Nørvig, CEO of SYBO, said.

“Miniclip brings additional experience, reach and strength to SYBO as we celebrate our tenth anniversary and look forward to the next decade and beyond. I’m so proud! Proud of our game development teams, all support functions and management team, for passionately building the Subway Surfers gaming experience, staying committed to the formula our community loves, and continuing to surprise and delight Subway Surfers fans across multiple platforms and Miniclip gives us an opportunity to grow and amplify, while staying true to our core values ​​and team culture,” added Mathias Gredal Nørvig.

“Since its launch in May 2012, the mobile game Subway Surfers has reached over 150 million monthly active players, it holds the most downloaded mobile game title, it was the first game in the world to cross one billion downloads on Google Play, and the most downloaded endless runner game in Apple App Store history,” said Saad Choudri, CEO of Miniclip.

“Miniclip has always been focused on creating high-quality games that unleash the gamer in everyone, which has helped define the company and allowed us to dominate a crowded market, delivering consistent growth through building our mergers and acquisitions with some fantastic and innovative new partners. This is why the SYBO team felt so well suited, having developed one of the most popular games in the world. They have a proven track record of delivering and supporting maintaining an amazing gaming experience, as well as continuing to grow virally. We are beyond excited to welcome them to the Miniclip family as we empower them to keep running and racing,” Saad added. Choudri.

Under Gredal Nørvig’s leadership, a team of savvy and experienced executives navigated an industry of opportunity and challenge. The company plans to keep the current management team in place with David Byrne, who joined in 2018 as chief operating officer and head of games; Naz Amarchi-Cuevas, who joined in 2017 as Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Marketing Officer; Anne Schnack Hansen, who joined in 2018 as Chief People Officer; and Andreas Glenvig, who joined in 2019 as Chief Financial Officer.