The game publisher is counting down to a new Revolution with the development of a game ecosystem on a blockchain platform

Game Spotlight

ABI Game Studio has released over 100 games with over two billion downloads, in just seven years since its inception.

According to statistics from Sensor Tower, ABI Game Studio was among the top 20 game publishers in the world in the first quarter of 2021. The 456 Survival game, developed by ABI, knocked out other rivals to reach the top spot in the US market and 75 other countries with two million downloads per day.

ABI Game Studio not only acts as a publisher, but is also a funder or investor of famous games, such as Summoners Era: Idle Arena of Heroes.

Mr. Hung TM, General Manager of ABI Game Studio, said, “ABI Game Studio’s mission is to create games for gamers. We are not only a game publisher, but also a reliable support and long-lasting partner, as we want to open new doors and take the development of the game industry to the next stage. According to the new technology trend, ABI Game Studio supports both traditional games and NFT games such as Summoners Era: Idle Arena of Heroes.

“We not only develop games, but we also provide opportunities to engage in the production of games for everyone,” he adds.

Such a passion for leveling up drives ABI to develop its new milestone: Galaxy Attack Revolution – its first NFT game and the first in the ABI ecosystem as well.

New experience with Galaxy Attack Revolution

Galaxy Attack Revolution (GAR) is inspired by Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter (GASS) – ABI Game Studio’s top game with over 150 million downloads and over two million daily active users. GAAS also offers in-app trading activity with the highest in-app ad revenue for ABI Game Studio.

In the GAR universe, users are not passive participants but also play an important role in the future development of the game. But there is no holding back in the fun department and reaping valuable rewards at the same time. .

Galaxy Attack: Revolution will launch worldwide at the end of December and is expected to be a smash hit in the gaming and blockchain industries.

“With GAR, users can play an NFT game in a totally new way and get open opportunities,” says Hùng.

So what makes Galaxy Attack: Revolution so liberating for people?

“First of all, it’s a free NFT game unlike other NFT games where you have to pay an amount to register. We want everyone to come and experience the game, create a huge funnel of players to enter the game Because we don’t want users to face barriers to entry,” he notes.

GAR is not only much more exciting, but it is also not a one-off, stand-alone project. This is the beginning of an ecosystem, the aptly named ABI ecosystem.

Mr. Hùng explains: “Anything you can find in the game universe, you can find it in the ABI ecosystem. As the world moves towards Metaverse, we also want to create well-connected worlds and systems for our games. The ABI ecosystem is our first chance in this new and exciting world. Within the ABI ecosystem, we want players to move and play seamlessly between games.

The ABI ecosystem will provide an important launchpad for NFT games and forge a new way for gamers to interact with the gaming world.

ABI Game Studio has also signed a global cooperation agreement with VeriChains – one of the top five blockchain audit providers in the world – to follow its mission to take the next big step in gaming.