The popular Japanese publisher announces its new subsidiary Shueisha Games

Renowned Japanese publisher, Shueisha announced its subsidiary Shueisha Games. The publisher is famous for his work as Weekly Shonen Jump, A playand Jujutsu Kaisen. Now, the new subsidiary Shueisha Games aims to bring some of the world famous manga to games through various active collaborations with game creators, novelists and manga artists.

The decision seems to be very well planned as Shueisha Games already has 4 titles listed for release. ONI, Ukiyo, The children’s tower, Captain Velvet Meteor: the dimensions of the jump + are the titles listed for release by Shueisha Games, but as of now there is no information on platforms or exact release dates.

Image via Shueisha Games

ONI is a Japanese folk manga where Sorata, an ogre, and his partner Kazamaru embark on an adventure to defeat Momotaro. On the other hand, Ukiyo is a cyberpunk-style manga amid the rapidly changing Japanese lifestyle. The Tower of Children, a Japanese manga based on a rogue survival adventure, and finally, Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimension, a manga where a shy boy named Damien fights alongside Shonen Jump+ heroes in his fantasy world.

Shueisha Games to discover and encourage new creators

Also with Shueisha Games, the company aims to further energize the process of discovering and nurturing new creators with the Creator Camp. It was created as part of the Shueisha Game Creators Camp. The Creator Camp offers artists the opportunity to collaborate with each other, create new art, manga, and work across genres.

With over 4000 creators already in the camp, Shueisha claims to support more than 10 titles of the camp. Users can keep up to date with all the information by visiting the official website or following social media handles.

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