The Washington Post boosts publisher-led innovation by joining

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The Washington Post announced today that he will join as a technology partner, bringing its world-class engineering resources and industry expertise to accelerate innovation for open source digital advertising software.

“The Washington Post has long been at the forefront of advertising technology innovation, driving the industry forward by prioritizing speed and viewability in the name of creating a superior user experience for all. readers, brands and publishers,” said Kodi Foster, vice president. of commercial technology at The Post. “We are excited to bring our wealth of knowledge in this space to the Prebid community, helping to democratize the conversation about the future of ad technology with the goal of creating a sustainable and ethical business model based on quality journalism. “

Since 2019, The Post has made its proprietary Zeus Performance software available to publishers, including built-in optimizations for viewability and loading speed as well as its patent-pending rendering engine, serving more than 100 publishers across the United States. The Zeus Performance engineering team will begin to bring its innovations to the wider community of Prebid-supported publishers and Performance customers will be able to adopt open source technology.

“With Zeus, we have always been committed to helping publishers succeed in a complex and rapidly changing industry. With Prebid.orgwe saw an opportunity to amplify the publisher’s perspective with maximum impact, combining Zeus’ expertise in improving ad quality with the rapid change brought by Prebid.orgof open innovation model,” said Julia Bélanger, CEO of Zeus Technology. “We can now help publishers set the agenda for their ad technology partners while continuing to help them grow their revenue through Zeus Prime, which will be accessible to a wider publisher community.”

Zeus Prime, a groundbreaking premium ad buying network that connects leading US brands and publishers in a real-time marketplace, debuted in early access last fall with an initial slate of supply-side and demand-side partners , including the Dallas Morning News and the Advertising Council. In the coming months, Prime will double down on its strategy to serve local publishers by expanding into select media markets to more deeply engage local advertisers and publishers. is delighted to welcome The Washington Post as a new member of the organization,” said Mike Racic, President of “This new addition further extends our reach across the publisher community and will allow even more publishers to have a voice within the pre-auction as we continue our mission to enable a sustainable digital ecosystem supported by advertising. .”