Utah Valley University Receives Three Independent Publisher Book Awards

OREM, Utah – The Department of Art and Design at Valley University of Utah (UVU) has created two books shortlisted to receive the Independent Publisher Book Awards. With over 2,000 publishers and approximately 5,000 titles submitted for review, UVU came out on top.

The book I like won gold in the categories “Cookbooks – General” and for “Cover Design – Oversized”. The second book submitted, Grimm’s Gestaltwon a bronze medal in the “Coffee Table Books” category.

I like

UVU Culinary Arts Institute and UVU School of Arts Department of Art and Design established I like. Additionally, many faculty members and graphic design and photography students assisted with the final copy.

Two UVU classes created the photograph in this cookbook. John Rees, in conjunction with Chef Todd, taught the first course, creating plated meal plans. Trent Bates taught the second class, focusing on creating images to complement plated dishes. The book had over 2,000 submitted photographs.

The graphic design team of I like consisted of sixteen students taught by Gareth Fry. Chef Todd chose the overall design created by Sierra Lawrence. Kirill Solmein, another student, created the initial design used for the cover.

Grimm’s Gestalt

Comparatively, the book Grimm’s Gestalt had a much larger collaboration team. Graphic design, photography, painting/drawing/printmaking, illustration and sculpture/ceramics with students and teachers have contributed to this book. They helped create content inspired by the Grimms’ fairy tales.

“Art historians have researched and written about the Brothers Grimm. Within each of these artistic genres, the variety of approaches was as sharp and diverse as the stories themselves. The imagery ranged from playful to disturbing and from literal to poetic. The artists involved were encouraged to explore and play each to their own creative strengths and processes,” according to UVU.

The graphic design team created six unique story styles for the book. According to Utah Valley University, no two stories have the same style.

The full list of this year’s winners can be found here: ippyawards.com/164/2022-medalists and the art and design books here: uvu.edu/arts/books.

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