Wildfrost is a cuter, cooler Slay the Spire from original Stardew Valley editor Chucklefish

Wildfrost is a new deckbuilder loosely inspired by the indie mega-hit Slay the Spire, and it looks like a deceptively adorable take on infinitely replayable card battles.

Wildfrost was unveiled as part of today’s big Nintendo Indie showcase. Like Slay the Spire, it seeks to combine the randomness and replayability of rogue-likes with the strategy of deck-builders. You play as one of many leaders, each with their unique stats and skills, on a quest to save the town of Snowdwell from the eternal winter threatened by the titular Wildfrost. You’ll assemble a deck of allies from random loot and vendors and lead them into turn-based battles as you explore a branching map dotted with different encounters.

wild frost

(Image credit: Chucklefish)

The Wildfrost maps featured so far will look familiar to fans of modern card games and fighters. Minions have attack and health values ​​as well as passive and active effects, and you can arrange them on a 3×2 board to build your front lines, reserves, and back row. Unique keywords like Frontline Smackback, Backline Bombard, Consume, Barrage, Aimless, and more seem to add another layer of planning to building your deck and board. Everything is super cute, but the important information is also conveyed well, which was probably a difficult balance to strike.

Wildfrost is the result of a collaboration between Will Lewis of Caveblazers developer Deadpan Games and developer Gaziter, lead artist and designer of Forager and KnotBot. Chucklefish, the original publisher of Stardew Valley (before creator Eric Barone went independent) and developer of witchbrook, supports the project and says work properly began in early 2020 after Lewis and Gaziter tested a few prototypes.

Wildfrost is coming to PC and Switch this winter (appropriately so) with language support for English, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.